Thursday, December 8, 2011

Of Halloween, Chumbak-ing & More Gaga

Long time, I know! Been busy working on tonnes of things and documenting my diploma project yet here I am again :)

My niece, the Halloween baby Humairaa just turned a year old on Halloween. everytime I see her she looks cuter and now there are four tiny fountain ponytails and a whole lot of mischief to add to it all! This was a little illo I made for her birthday :)

One morning I logged onto my Twitter and saw a bunch of drunk Lady Gaga tweets dancing all by herself! My hands ached to draw a Gaga and here's my first, quick 'Drunky Gaga' illustration. Also, her father calls her 'Loopy'!

And now for some work I did for them loverrly, loverrly folks at Chumbak (there's no way you don't know about them, right?)! I had a whole lot of fun working on all of the stuff!
First up, a pack of Bollywood themed playing cards, 'Bollywood Masti'!
It took me a lot of time to figure who to include and how to stylize and yet be able to have a common language throughout. Also, it took a while to conceptualize on the Jacks (the famous Bollywood villains). But we overcame, and I'm pretty happy with the result :) You can get yourself a pack (or two) here
For larger resolution, here.

I worked on two A6 notebook designs, 'On The streets of India' & 'How to Kiss Bollywood Style in 4 ways'!
To work on the details and the gags was good fun and the 'kiss' notebook is even a mug! The notebooks, here :)

There's also a keychain design I did based on 'The great Indian Auto Ride'! I was skeptical about the details in the final product, but they came out great! Below is the design, and a horrid, blurred picture of me holding the final keychain. To get yourself one, proceed here :)

Lastly, I worked on 'Incredible India', one of 'The Small Picture' features by Manta Ray Comics. The Small Picture is a full page comic that appears every Wednesday in the daily Mint. The piece was scripted by Leela Alvares, who I worked with in collaboration on the artwork.
The piece was first seen published on 19th October, 2011.
For larger resolution, here.

More stuff to come very soon!
Feedback of all shapes & sizes welcome :)
Have an amazing day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A DRESS A DAY: 30 days of fashion

The plan was 30 days. 30 designers. 30 outfits to be chosen and drawn. Why? Plain joy.
Scroll down to see through all days and do see enlarged versions for details!

I took a while to figure which designer to do for the last day and ultimately settled for Stella McCartney. The garments are from her 2011 pre-Fall collection. The shoes are by the amazing & crazy Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana.
Original pics: Garments L, C, R. Shoes L&R, Ccentre reference.

I came across their work recently and have been following ever since. This is a mish-mash from garments from their Spring 2012 Ready-To-Wear collection. The shades are from the Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott collaboration range and I threw in a white Hermès Birkin bag and a Gaga paw for joy :)
Original pics: sunglassestop, shorts, shoes.

Jeremy Scott is high fashion's most fun, crazy and an incredibly talented man. Along with his fashion label, what I absolutely love is his design for Adidas Originals. And I'd KILL to get my hands on those wing high top sneakers! Part of the illustration features the denim bra and skirt, from his Spring 2012 RTW collection, which Rihanna dons in her latest video 'We Found Love'. The bomber jacket and the LOVERRLY shoes are from his Adidas originals range. The Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott Mickey sunglasses featured in Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' video! I Spend MAAAD amounts of time getting the details right, do click on image and see the enlarged version :)
Original pics: garment, jacket, shoes, sunglasses.

AN EXTREMELY LATE UPDATE, I KNOW! But I have my reasons, which will feature on another blog post SOON! :)
I love the way Diane Von Furstenberg looks but I think she'd be a mean boss, hence the illustration! This garment is from her Spring 2012 RTW collection. I think I ended up having more fun than expected on this!
Original pic, here.

Gaultier's latest collection, the Spring 2012 RTW, was an lovely 50s fashion homage, not just visually but the way the show was carried through too! The models held placards of their look numbers and there was no music, only narration. I wanted to draw something simple from the collection, because I JUST DON'T HAVE ANY TIME! But I could not stop myself from drawing this gorgeous silhouette. I'm happy with the way it looks though I did exaggerate it on the top quite a bit :)
Original pics: garment, gloves+ jewelry.

Sigh. Moschino always does it. Their collections are awesome. And this time, the Moschino and the Cheap and Chic shows were crazy! The former went spanish meets tribal while the latter was a farm fashion fantasy. I chose the latter. How could I resist drawing this show opening number?
Original pics: garment, carrot headpiece.

Fendi's latest collection, Spring 2012 ready-to-wear was full on sci-fi, high fashion science lab academic meets daywear. Basically a whole lot of fun to look at! This is a garment from the collection that I really like.
Original pic, here.

I fell in love with Hermès when I first saw their website. It is a whole lot of fun! I chose to draw something from their Spring 2012 ready-to-wear, half of which consists of white garments that look like they're dying to be stained. Also, the shoes looked disturbing and remind me of socks with sandals. Anyway, it gets better once the orange starts coming in.
Also, anybody who knows me well would have thought how I got this far drawing dresses without a single appearance of the Alexander McQueen Plato's Atlantis shoe, so here it is :)
Original pictures: Garment, bag, shoes.

Max Azria out with another beautiful slew of bandage dresses! I chose the Fall 2011 collection because it was more understated than their latest collection and had nicer colors. To admire the detail of the work they put in each piece I HAD to draw it, and it was quite a task. But I'm glad it resembles the original garment, or so I would believe :)
P.S. - More on 'Bandage/ body-con dresses' on the Hervé Léger wiki page.
Original pic, here.

Balenciaga's latest offering, the Spring 2012 collection was loverry. I love anything with an exaggerated shoulder silhouette (thanks to Gaga), and this collection offered plenty. So here it is! Also, I think I made up the coloring detail on the shoes a bit. Bah, all good :)
Also, another style change, I was getting real bored :D
Original pic, here.

I've never really followed Valentino Garavani and his collections, and I didn't even know that he retired in 2007. However, when I think of Valentino, I think of fixation with the color red and the haute couture gowns. So I picked a gown from the Fall 2002 haute couture collection that Anne Hathaway (who I detest) wore to the 2011 Academy Awards. Also, since Google images bombarded my mind with the image of Anne Hathaway wearing that gown I wanted to make the model I drew as different looking from her as possible :)
original pic, here.

So here's to the most adorable man in high fashion, Alber Elbaz. I love what he does for Lanvin and for this, I thought I'd work on the collection on which Lanvin collaborated with H&M. The collection sold out after only a few hours of its launch and had some pretty fun promotions. And the wonderful Anna Dello Russo walked the runway for the fashion show. I love Russo and decided to draw the garment she wore and added the watermelon headpiece she wears!
Original pic: bowtiegarment, shoes.

DAY 18// L.A.M.B.
I love every single thing about Gwen Stefani. Right from her No Doubt days, to her solo career and the fashion line, named after her first solo record, L.A.M.B. I recently went through the L.A.M.B. 2012 Spring collection, and it is just as cool as Ms. Stefani herself. I drew this outfit because it looked like a whole lot of fun :)
Original pic: garment & bag.

 Miuccia Prada definitely switched the 50s Hollywood glam machine on with the Spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection. There was a lot of vintage car prints, and she went ALL OUT with the shoes, and the result was nothing short of incredible :) I ended up mixing the garments, and picked up the shades from the Prada Spring 2011 'Minimal Baroque' collection.
Original pics: shades, top, skirt, shoes.

Ok, Marc Jacobs did an AMAZING job with the Spring 2012 collection, with the elaborate merry go round setting and a beautiful, almost fragile looking range. This is a garment I chose to illustrate, which I thought would be nice and simple, but when I looked into the details of the garment, I went mad and I had to do everything from scratch; which took me fuckloads of time, but I guess it was worth it :) I love the character I ended up dressing and happy with the details of the dress, the croc skinjacket and the organza skirt. Let me know what you think though. DO CLICK TO ENLARGE, because all that detail just killed me.
Original pic, here.

I wanted to draw a signature Burberry trench, but I didn't. I think I'm lazy, and sick. What I do love is though, is the Burberry Prorsum 2007 Spring ready-to-wear collection for which Kate Moss featured in a print campaign. Either way, when I saw this I thought of a happy fashion blogger walking through NYC holding up a large Starbucks coffee in her hand.
Original picture, here.

Ok, if Raf Simons actually saw the illustration (I wish) I've done of the garments from Jil Sander's Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection, he'd probably feel severely misunderstood. The minimal aesthetic in their clothes strike me the most. Though I don't understand all of it, I mostly like what I see. was tired of making plain, model-y pose-y things for the past few entries so I wanted to turn it around a bit. Also, a bit of the stylization comes from the fact that I am really ill today; my nose leaked and my eyes burned while I stared at the computer screen. So I owe this one to my sickness! :D
The garments I've drawn are a combination of this & this :)

Chanel, as of today, brings to mind only one person: Karl Lagerfeld. And he is a fucking genius. I just saw the 2012 Spring ready-to-wear show yesterday and was blown away by the gorgeous, massive aquarium setting and the 85 different pieces that were in the show. The models sashayed down the runway while Florence Welch sang on through the show. This is one of the pieces from the collection that stay true to the signature vintage Chanel look; and I added the Chanel vintage Jumbo C bag, (which I drew much, much smaller) for good measure :)
Original pic, here.

I had seen some of Gareth Pugh's work in music videos and from the recent gorgeous Absolut bottle he designed to resemble one of his designs. And I think it is ABSOLUTELY RAD! So here goes, one of the more wearable looking pieces from one of his more wearable looking collections, Spring 2011.
Original pic, here.

Ok, so I missed two days of the draw a dress series. Thankfully Philip Treacy makes only hats/ headpieces, and Christian Louboutin makes only beautiful red undersole-d shoes. So I put them both together for this piece!
For Treacy, I HAD to do the lobster headpiece Gaga wore. And I recently came across these discomfort inducing Louboutins that were made in collaboration with the surrealist filmmaker David Lynch as a part of a range called 'Fetish'. One look at them and I swear you'd say, 'Ouch'. Anyway, here it is: 
Original pics, Philip treacy lobster hat & Louboutins.

I've seen the George Michael runway video with the crazy bike handle and metal dresses, and knew as much Mugler as much as any 9 year old Indian kid would. I adore Lady Gaga, and her stylist, Nicola Formichetti. So I did my homework when Nicola got appointed as the creative director of Thierry Mugler, now Mugler. Gaga premiered her song 'Government Hooker' from her last album for the show, and walked the runway & the show could be livestreamed ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is one of my favorite garments from Mugler fall 2011.
Original pic, here.

The first time I heard of Yohji Yamamoto was in Gwen Stefani's song 'Harajuku Girls'. Then a film on him, 'Notebook on Cities and Clothes' was screened in my college. And Yohji blew me away. His understated, classic sense of style always stays true to his aesthetic and I chose a garment from his Spring 2006 collection (The dinosaur dress).
Original garment (sans converse shoe), here.

They are simply AMAZING! 'nuff said. This be a garment from their spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection that had beautifully structured garments and used shirt cuffs in an unusually amazing, truely Viktor&Rolf way.
The collection, here. Original garment pic, here.

This designer is the most fun I've come across in a long, long time!
I love his spring summer 2011 collection: Uber Tropikal Airlines; it has a whole lot of animals, uniform, some Beth Ditto and FELIX! This is the garment I chose to draw:
Do see his awesome website!Original pic, here.

No fashion house spells grandeur and legacy the way Versace does. So when I was thinking of what dress to choose to draw, I thought of very popular, last collection of Gianni Versace: The Fall 1992 bondage collection. This is one of the garments from the same. Lady Gaga wore the garment recently for her Cosmopolitan shoot.
Original pic, dress and the shoes.

When it came to D&G, I could only think of one thing: The fall 2010 sequined jacket. It was included in the menswear and the womenswear collections, I liked it in the men's collection more. Fashion blogger Bryanboy wore it with pride, so did Beyonce while rubbing her baby bump at the VMAs this year. So, ... TADAAH!
It was a wee bit painful to work on the sequins' rendering, and I'm not too happy with it but I think it looks passable!
Original pic, here.

Ok, so we all came a conclusion that dressing up a superhero/ comic character or working on their costumes would be fun. I love Rogue from X-men. And I like Christian Lacroix. And this beauty from his Fall 2008 couture collection. I grunge-d it up a bit. 
Here it is, RogueXLacroix.
Kaveri's StormXLacroix.
Original pic, here.

This is a garment from the Fall 2011 Haute Couture Dior collection that featured Philip Treacy hats and what Katy Perry wore to the VMAs :) I had a whole lot of fun working on this!
Original pic, here.

I love his Fall 2009 collection, and wanted to work on a garment from that. And here it be!

Kaveri's and Arushi's McQueen, here & here.
Original pic, here.

Have a good day and don't forget to leave feedback :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gaga Rules Everything Around Me


It had to happen. My hands were ACHING to draw another Gaga. I hadn't done a finished, nice Lady Gaga illustration in a long, long time. And Kaveri had been, for too long, telling too many people I'm married to Gaga. So well, here it is :)

ANNNND, does anybody remember Bechain Nagri? It is back with a boomboomBANG, LOADS of new sketchbook prints and new illustrators on board! Check THIS space for more!
Also, I worked on more prints for the new range, and it is all mad, cute, annoying schoolkid series.


 Also, me and Kaveri went to Kyoorius DesignYatra, with loads and hoards of Bechain Nagri sketchbooks for sale! The response was amazing, and we had a pretty hard time keeping up with the sales sheet and the moolah-management. This was a poster we both worked on for the event, based on a sketch Mana did!

Ha! Do leave feedback!
And have a wonderful, wonderful day while I go and get me some much required sleep! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Of Tributes in Music & Fashion

Hi all.
I heard of Amy Winehouse's death through a message on my phone a friend sent me. And it came to me a such a shock.
More so because though I had been listening to her music for a long time, it was those days I was checking up on her site on any update on a long due new record. And then it was just blank.

I've been wanting to draw her for too long now, I thought of many compositions. Then this happened.
I loved every bit of working on this. Also, 'Wake Up Alone' from her second and last studio album, Back to Black is my favorite song by her. RIP Amy.

I've been working on some vector art as well! Portraiture is something I don't consider my forte. And portraits in vector, well. This was a noble start.
I stumbled upon Graffiti6's music and loved it! So here is Jamie Scott's portrait! Their up and coming album 'Colours' is amazing, must listen!
Also, Nicola Formichetti. He is god. And is constantly on a move to change the face of fashion. Whether it be Mugler, Uniqlo or styling for Gaga, he never fails to amaze. So here it is, a portrait of him.
It started out as a mindless, fun sketch in one of my old, old sketchbooks and became this! I might add to it and make all the character profiles :)
So yes, shoot shoot with feedback :)
Have a nice day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

22 years, 1 Film // Eye Am Watching You


Ok, I admit I've become highly un-creative with my post titles. To be able to come up with that! :P
Either way, the long wait is OVER! My film is DONE! And it feels better because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY and I'm at home!!! :D
Here goes,

Eye Am Watching You // 4 min 33 sec

The story revolves around a seven year old, Reema and her conscience.
Based on a partially true story, through the eyes of my convent- bred mother.

Here are some of the screenshots!

This film has taken an incredibly long time to get done and I've learnt a lot on the way as an illustrator, as an animator and as a storyteller. However, this remains my first effort, so do let me know what you think :)

Feedback of all shapes, shades and sizes welcome :)
Have a lovely day!

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