Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Spirit Channel

Ok, this is a bit late but I logged onto DeviantArt recently to realize the site header was purple; a surprising break from the ugly green-grey that they have, I thought to myself. I HAD to find out what it was for. It was then that I stumbled upon the DeviantArt CEO, Angelo informing me about SPIRIT DAY, which was on 20th October; and I made this.

I call this 'The Spirit Channel'.
Channel as in between the two faces facing each other. The 'two' faces. The negative space in the hair on the left, ... right? Get it?!?
Ah. Nevermind:/

Anyway, Happy anti-bullying and have a lovely day!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vector Art Monster!

This was my entry for the Wacom 4th Anime/Manga Character Design Contest.
The topic: Monster! Yes, it was just that.
Took me a while to do; this is the most detail I've added in vector art. But it was fun to do:)

Name: Gogundaria
About the monster: Ferocious. Hot pink in color. Six inches in height. Has a soft corner for girls and all things cute.
Loves: His purple boxing gloves and bunny slippers.

I didn't win but I don't regret it because the entries that won were just plain awesome!
Lots to get inspired from.

More to come on this sadly updated blog!
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