Friday, January 29, 2010

Erupting in 3D

My Maya model is finFINfinished! Well, apart from the rigging and other stuff, which remains undone.
This is what it looks like and I am obscenely proud of myself because truly, I never thought I'd get even this far:P

For all who don't know the character, it happens to be the character from my first and only comic book, Eruptions, which I completed as a part of a course.
You can catch the comic book here.

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Have a good day:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Illustration Friday - Clumsy / All the Utterly Horrible Things That Can Happen to Your Precious Double Half Fried Egg

Ok. It has been a while since I last posted on Illustration Friday. But 'better this year than never', right?
Me and a few others were sitting and wondering what all could go wrong with the eggs in your first meal of the day; if you happen to get up on time for it, that is:P
All the haunting memories of the days I've had to eat my eggs NOT the way I want it start flashing. And I pen it down immediately.
The most tragedy struck breakfasts are generally when you ask the hostel mess chef to prepare double half fried eggs. If you're lucky, that's what you'll get, if you're not, which is usually the case, these are some of the things you could be in for... Though I do blame personal clumsiness for some of them:P...

Scenario 1: Both the egg yolks will be broken already.

Scenario 2: The egg yolks will be riiiight next to each other, so if you want to eat the yolk by trying to get one of them to reach the spoon safely, you know the other will break.

Scenario 3: The chef blatantly ignores you and makes for you double full fried eggs instead.

Scenario 4: You've managed to get the yolk separated. You carefully put it on the spoon, get it to your mouth, shivering and hoping it wouldn't break midway.

Scenario 5: All your fears come true.

Scenario 6: You feel like having an omelette and by the time you sit down on the table to eat, you wish you had asked for double half fried eggs; again:'(

Have a lovely breakfast and a happy day:)

This has got to be the post with the longest title yet on this blog. I mean, who the hell names a post 'Illustration Friday - Clumsy / All the utterly horrible things that can happen to your precious double half fried egg'?!?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Life in Current State

It is exactly what the post title says. After so much time spent staring at the computer screen watching Maya progress at the speed of nothing, I try to make myself feel better by looking at others' work on the blogosphere. Then I'm a mix of being mildly inspired and greatly depressed and as I open up my sketchbook, clutching onto a pencil, we blankly stare at each other for about half an hour and then I just wham my head against the table:'(
Any cure?
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