Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shame Shame

Before I even wrote out this entry, I knew the title was going to be this. Because of my lack of shame for not having updated blog dearest in the longest time. ALSO MY BLOG TURNED FOUR YEARS ON MAY 4th! So, good news time *drumroll*:
So the illustrations I did in collaboration with ze loverrly Surabhi Chauhan, got noticed by none other than Sabyasachi himself! And I joined in as an illustrator + Web designer! Part of me is still getting over how this all happened. But so far so fucking good :) I'd be able to share some stuff real soon hopefully, but there's lots brewing.
P.S. - For those in India, get hold of this month's Vogue, there's a little something on page 136 that I whipped up :)
This month end I'll get my diploma jury out of ze way, so I can finally call myself A GRADUATE! :) Wish me luck!

Well, I'll put up some of the work I've been doing in the recent past, fun stuff. Although I hardly get to do any personal illo work, but here goes.
I was a part of Cocaine's 54 project, where 54 illustrators got to do their take on a playing card. I got 3 of diamonds. I wanted to put in three completely different contexts of diamonds, and was itching for a style tweak in terms of the work that I had been doing and came up with this.

Lots of mad Chumbak work! I had such a gala time working on all of it :D
First up, their collaboration with Samosapedia! With all the 'shit' that people were saying, we figured it was high time what Indians say gets documented. And we did this this! This goes on a mugtintiny notebookposter & a tee (coming soon!). So keep up with the lingo and enjvaai!

MUGS! I was asked to work on a Chennai mug, and I was frankly trying to push it as much as possible, because I knew I wouldn't be able to represent the city too well considering I have been there only twice, all for some two- three weeks. What I feared most was to give a shallow Delhi-person view of the lovely place, and come across as just plain blah! But with help from some Chennai friends and my sister (who was there for one whole year!), I was able to deliver, and was SO happy with the way it turned out! Also, turns out a lot of Tamilians love it! WIN :)

For Father's Day, I turned around a design the quickest in the history of me working (the folks at Chumbak still joke about this everytime I'm late)! Maybe it was because of the unconditional love I have for my daddy, or just that I blurted it out when I was given a chance. But I loved every single bit of working on this, and it hopefully comes across. I LOVE YOU PAPA! Mug, here. 

KEYCHAINS! I worked on this bike keychain based on many a guys hopelessly obsessed with their bikes :)I wanted to do a big, ferocious tiger keychain but then we settled for something peaceful and cute. They came out beautifully after production in splendid bendy rubber, the details look great!

Annnd, the Bollywood Kiss keyring! Shadylove forever :)

Some magnets for your fridge/ almirahs. The mango magnet & what I call 'the Gau mata' AKA Nirvana Cow magnet .

All Chumbak™ images courtesy, well, Chumbak.
Lots more happening, waiting to come out!
Also, I got a Russian shoutout on a blog for my Dress A Day sketches! :D
P.S. - I miiiiight start a Dress A Day II, which means another month of more fashion and many new designers' spankin' new collections! JOY!

Do leave feedback and have a great, happy & prolific day :D
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