Sunday, August 14, 2011

22 years, 1 Film // Eye Am Watching You


Ok, I admit I've become highly un-creative with my post titles. To be able to come up with that! :P
Either way, the long wait is OVER! My film is DONE! And it feels better because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY and I'm at home!!! :D
Here goes,

Eye Am Watching You // 4 min 33 sec

The story revolves around a seven year old, Reema and her conscience.
Based on a partially true story, through the eyes of my convent- bred mother.

Here are some of the screenshots!

This film has taken an incredibly long time to get done and I've learnt a lot on the way as an illustrator, as an animator and as a storyteller. However, this remains my first effort, so do let me know what you think :)

Feedback of all shapes, shades and sizes welcome :)
Have a lovely day!


Francisco Martins said...

Dude!! this is so cool! the movie is awesome, very creative and fun! love the title also, you did a great job! congrats buddy!

Tomás Serrano said...

Uh, It's fantastic, a great work. I like it very very much. Everything: your characters, the backgrounds, the story, the music... Congrats!!!
I want to know more about the film: program, time it took you...

donny* said...

Consider me blown away! Great, fantastic work! And, hope you had a great birthday!

-Alok- said...

hi Jasjyot, Fantastic film man. Thoroughly enjoyed it.Really sweet story.sharing with friends now.Was this like your final year film or something at NID ? and how long did this take to create.? wonderful stuff man. Hope to see more from you .


ateev anand said...

hi Jasjyot, I like your work. your style is quirky and hilarious and this little film is evidence of that. really cool stuff!

Unknown said...

wow. nice animation man! what softwares do you use? and tablets.. wacom?

jazzlamb said...

Tomas Serrano: This took me much, much longer than it should have. I spent more that 13 months on it, including a period of 2 month denial-depression and my diploma comic (which I haven't yet put up, but soon will!)

Alok: It was my 1st animation project as a student, 2nd is our final. Thank you so much, I almost cry everytime I see it because of the time I went through to complete it! :)

Unknown: All animation is by hand. Cleanup+ background rendering is done by hand+ Photoshop. Compositing in After Effects, final edit on Premier Pro, then later a tga export of the entire thing from Final Cut Pro. Phew, there! :)

Anonymous said...

its me the Unknown guy! y do you use photshop over flash? isnt the interface of flash much more easier to animate with?. cos then you jus import it to after effects for compositing. obviously there is a reason you chose this route. i would love to know tht.

Alok N R said...

came back fishing through all the posts just to see this film again :) good stuff.

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