Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cooler Than School.

Hello! It's been a while here, I've been getting used to the erratic world of freelance, mental blocks and managing crazy deadlines. Apart from that, even losing a bit of weight (fiiinally)!

So I recently participated in a contest started by Manish Arora & Air France. The idea was to create your own mini collection and put it up, the grand prize winner would get to go to Paris for Arora's show! Though my entry made it to a weekly winner's title, I can still do with some votes to stay in the top ten to qualify for the final prize selection.

My mini-collection was inspired by the quintessential Indian schoolgirl. 
I always find little girls going to school fascinating. It's such a reassuring sight. 
So here's to all the Rajjos & Pinkys. 
From the epaulettes to the box pleats. 
From the 'jhoola' plaits to the wide sleeves.
From their stiff translucent ribbons, to their oddly long skirts. 
From lugging their heavy bags in the morning to the determination to change the world around them.
Simply seen through a fashion filter.

If you like what you see, you could VOTE HERE!
So this is where the problem begins. When you go to this link, Facebook should ask you to 'like' the page/ app. Do so, then 'allow' it to post on behalf of your friends (it wouldn't actually do that).
Then you'll see my rather excited looking face on the top right corner of the app as the 'weekly winner'. Click on that, view my collection and 'like' it. EASY BREEZY, RIIIGHT?
But if you vote, it would mean ze world to me. Thanks a tonne :)

WHAT ELSE?!? There's tonnes more to share, which I will, super soon! Meanwhile, yesterday was rakshabandhan! My sister means the world to me; she's crazy, gracious and just so amazingly clean-at-heart. She's my comfort in times of need & such a happy soul. I've always wished I was more like her, but here we are. Also I had been cutting myself so much slack for not having done anything special for her in so long, so when folks at Chumbak asked me to work on a design for the occasion, I literally pounced at it. So here's to all them siblings, and all the love-hate-love we've shared over the times (and so many more to look forward to).
This goes on a pretty little mug, that you can get here.

Do leave your precious feedback & have an amazing day :)
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