Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Illustration Friday : Cracked

Ok, This is perhaps my longest blog post. Anyway, for this week's Illustration Friday, I could only come up with this idea. It kind of traces back to my childhood. Well, as a kid, I was a hungry kid. very hungry. I wanted food. Hell with the world. Thankfully now its not the same. Ha! It involves some more hunger, some hard work, and finally being able to have 'cracked' the egg cracking***. Here goes...

Little Jassi got up one evening to realize no one was at home.
Momma was out for her evening walk and daddy for the cricket coaching.

Little Jassi was hungry. And bad.

'Ah! The fridge! But it will be locked like momma always keeps it when she goes out.'*

*yes, she used to do this. otherwise I'd eat everything inside it.

But like hunger found a way to his tummy;
Little Jassi always found a way to the top of the refrigerator...

... and be victorious.

As the golden light from the refrigerator glowed, little Jassi would soon find heaven.
'The appliance is calling to me...'

'But then... I can't cook vegetables and fruits are too healthy. Hmmm... What could I do?'

'I know... EGGS! They're easy, and I've seen Mum do it.
And how difficult could it get anyway?!?'

So he popped them in the frying pan. After all, who doesn't like scrambled eggs!?!
But something felt not-so-right.


I made scrambled egg shells! Can't eat this... what now?'

'Ah! all hard work down the drain!' Little Jassi exclaimed as he did what he had to...

the doorbell rang.

'Oh my god! Now what do I do??'

'Ahem ahem...'

But Mommy dearest knew something strange had been cooking.
Little Jassi had left dead giveaways!

Like this...

... and this...

...annnd this...

'OK little one! WHAT, may I ask, have you been upto?'

'I... uhh... I...w...ww...was... just... uhh... h... hhh... hungry...'

And little Jassi was excused thanks to the I'm-so-sorry puppy dog face.
As he ended up with food in his stomach and a lesson in how to crack eggs!

And he, after a fine gap of eight years, finally got it.
Happy cracked-ing:)
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**Sorry mom, for making you look so tyrranous, you don't look like this. But hey, I gave you pretty swell sneakers there! Love you:)
*** certain parts of the incident have been slightly altered or eggagerated.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Illustration Friday : Contagious

Wow. this entry is happening after soooo much procrastination its not even funny. As each week passed, Illustration friday rolled out really cool topics; and I was absolutely uninspired to do anything on any of them. After knowing what this week's topic was, there was only one word that came to my mind. And then... I 'yawn'ed. So I quickly took a pencil and it took me two days to figure out a yawning mouth's movement. I hope I have managed to get it right.

This was another little idea that came to my mind, as I remembered school days and how boring some classes were and how we had to sit through them, so I decided to draw it out too.
Hope you like it.
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And boy, Yawns sure are contagious.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This blog is on a holiday.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiss but Don't Tell.

This be the illustration for an article for the college film and video annual (?!?) publication, called 'Cut Here' annnd Shreyas' Graphic Design classroom project. The article, 'Kiss and Tell', that this illustration is for is written by Akhila Krishnan and is about kissing in cinemas, how it has been portrayed over the ages all over the world, has come a come a long way to, well, still being thought of as something taboo (atleast in Bollywood), and to indivisuals who started the trend and what it has shaped itself as. The illustration is still in its refinement stages and theres a long way to go till it gets pooblished; or atleast till Shreyas makes sure it is purrfect and fit to become a part of her project.
I hope it gets done soon:)
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Of Late Nights and Women.

Yes, it was a plan, to make myself sound really shady with the title. And yes, I do feel guilty for not updating little blog for quite a while now. It's 'haulidays'! And due to my royally messed up time cycle, at home I can't sleep when I'm supposed to and am pretty much, well, brain dead. These sketches were done on one such night from a book on female action models. The light and shade treatment was more of an extension of a freehand drawing course excercise and I ended up sleeping by some 4 am after a happy little sketching session. JOY!
Hope you like it.
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And have a lovely day:)
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