Sunday, June 26, 2011

Women & Sketchery!

Haven't posted in a long, long time! Late realization, I know!
I've been working on a whole lot of work some of which I can't put up just now, so I shall put up some other stuff with which I've been dirtying my sketchbooks/ Photoshop/ Illustrator with!

This was an experiment with this gorgeous, addictive Photoshop brush I found in a deep, dark corner of ze Internet!This was done while listening to 'Someone Like You' by the wonderful, wonderful sounding Adele! Pentel Black+ grey babies put to some good use!

Me and my saxxy friend, Kaveri love stopping by at Emily Carroll and Vera Brosgol's Draw This Dress blog! This was modelled on an Alexander McQueen dress. I had a lot of fun working on this and stuck to a simple, clean style.

Another random day with Illustrator! Soem type scribble that resulted in this, finally. Any hardcore graphic design feedback NOT required, thanks :)

And THIS! My mum has been wanting to start a blog for too long and has feared that nobody will read it if it had no illustration accompanying the text. So she asked me to work on something for something she had written about Indian men and their loose bladders, a common sight in India. Here it is! Show support on her baby blog, HERE!

Also, work on my film is progressing (finally)! Will share some more stuf from it very, very soon!

Feedback of all shapes, colors, sizes welcome!

Have a loverrly day :D
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