Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Ok, a customary note of apology before I start a new post. Hence the sad smiley on the post title. I've been lazy. Unusually lazy+mildly depressed. Yes, making an animation film can be neurotic. It sure is fun, but not just that. More updates on that very very soon!

I'm going to post a few things that aren't really related to each other but that's what I've been upto lately. Any form of distraction that allows me to escape into a space away from my film is an immediate friend. And what better friend than 'graphiccompetitions dot com'. Sigh. Hence the smiling smiley on the post title.

An entry for the Hugo Visual Mixtape Contest. The brief was to get inspired by a set of given songs and create a visual for them in this format, with the Hugo Man bottle being central to the idea. The songs were very Disco+Techno. Hence the visual. Illustrator+Photoshop love.

These are my entries for the ONE condoms wrapper design contest. It was a lot of fun making cheeky entries for this incorporating the logo in the design with a caption! And before you do ANYTHING else, VOTE for my entries. I mean, RATE them. I mean, give them a good RATING. The best one available! I will love you if you do that:D
HERE be the link to all my entries.

The idea of an 'Ever Running Comic' isn't new. So a few enthu college people decided to get together and work on our own version of it! Two pages per person added every week to ourDeviant Art profiles. I was the second one to continue; so I worked on pages 3 & 4! Awesome fun! Here are the pages ONE & TWO. My two pages included some humor, some drama and some Alexander McQueen shoes, (on page 4;) . A silent tribute.

Ha. All feedback appreciated:)
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