Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sooper Tam is Leaving!

A friendly venture between Kaveri and me resulted in a blast of color, strangely 60s resembling style, a dash of Thangka, and a lot of louwe for our beloved senior, Shreyas R. Krishnan, the Sooper Tam, who is very verry soon leaving on a jet plane for her diploma project.
This poster was done to publicize her pre-diploma display, or simply her 'pre-dip', a dying tradition of college revived from time to time by people believing in the olden-golden ways of learning where students display allllll the work done by them throughout the course of them being a student here.
Ha! makes me realize how time flies... and I watch us stepping into the shoes of seniority.
Little elves get nostalgic as Film Club weeps watching the Sooper Tam leave...we will miss you being around:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Illustration Friday : Talisman

Nice how kids just figure some things out themselves...
A mini comic for illustration friday's topic this week, 'talisman'.
Do leave feedback.
have a good day.

P.S.- you need ice-cream. And so do I.
*birrd shites*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Editing and all that jazz.

Currently we are having a course in 'Editing'... I didn't expect it to be such a theory-heavy subject but well it is, and a lot of it for that matter! But its quite an eye-opener... and quite the contrary in some cases...
Taken by a Bengali who hails from Kolkata, a FTII, Pune graduate whose name happens to be Arghya Basu ( though it is pronounced as Orgho)... this course is also making me use my sketchbook a lot, which is nice for a change... Ok I wonder why I'm giving his bio-data, anyway, but these are my partially vaguely successful attempts to get a portrait of the man right.

EE on cartridge.
Have a nice day:)
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