Thursday, September 23, 2010

Building Relationships

Ok. That is probably the worst title I could come up with for a post! Apologies:P
These were some very, very quick sketches done at the Airtel Relationship Centre, Bengaluru, India. I pulled out my sketchbook and started off. Even made a 'fan', who asked me to do a quick portrait! As boring as the place was, the sketching was good fun & I realise living without a brush pen is plain impossible. sigh! Here are some of the sketches

Feedback of all sorts appreciated:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Illustration Friday - Dessert

Ok. This is the longest I've stayed away from Illustration Friday. Sometimes I don't like the topic, sometimes I like it but can't work on it & sometimes I just don't know what the topic is.
However, this is a topic hardly anyone can resist. So off I go! I again had the fortune to go to the most GODLY dessert place I have ever, EVER come across! It's in Mumbai, India and is rightly called 'Theobroma'. Sigh.

The illustration has all that I hogged on; from L to R:
Chocolate Overload Brownie: Crusty on the outside, dangerously gooey on the inside, with a heavenly butter-brown sugar base.
New York Baked Cheesecake: Will make you want to RUN to NYC without a doubt. I wouldn't say more:)
Ambrosio: A dessert so pretty you wouldn't want to eat it, but you will. Dark chocolate with a layer of thick raspberry jam-jelly in between. A bit of white chocolate on top, to make life better.
Custard filled cupcake: Least sinful of all, a squidgy, soft sugar coated cupcake with a horibbly soft, custard filled centre, perfect after a light lunch. sigh.
And then, eventually, there's me;)

All the dessert lovers, MUST leave feedback+their dessert stories:D

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gaga OohLala.

It all started one day when I was trying to look up for some Lady Gaga fanart and could hardly find anything that looked creative or original. Most of what I found was painstakingly done realistic portraits of her existing pictures.
So I sketched this out and finished it on Adobe Illustrator CS3. Took me a while to figure the software but it was good fun:)
(P.S. - The images look reaaally small in the thumbnail so please click on it to see the enlarged version)

Above (from L to R): The initial sketch, the traced outline, the filled in version, the filled in version with variation.

Once I finished this I guess I just got a bit carried away and did this tessellation with the form.

I think I'm becoming a sucker for vector art. Though nothing replaces my pencil and my brush pen:}
All feedback appreciated:D
Have a lovely day!
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