Thursday, December 8, 2011

Of Halloween, Chumbak-ing & More Gaga

Long time, I know! Been busy working on tonnes of things and documenting my diploma project yet here I am again :)

My niece, the Halloween baby Humairaa just turned a year old on Halloween. everytime I see her she looks cuter and now there are four tiny fountain ponytails and a whole lot of mischief to add to it all! This was a little illo I made for her birthday :)

One morning I logged onto my Twitter and saw a bunch of drunk Lady Gaga tweets dancing all by herself! My hands ached to draw a Gaga and here's my first, quick 'Drunky Gaga' illustration. Also, her father calls her 'Loopy'!

And now for some work I did for them loverrly, loverrly folks at Chumbak (there's no way you don't know about them, right?)! I had a whole lot of fun working on all of the stuff!
First up, a pack of Bollywood themed playing cards, 'Bollywood Masti'!
It took me a lot of time to figure who to include and how to stylize and yet be able to have a common language throughout. Also, it took a while to conceptualize on the Jacks (the famous Bollywood villains). But we overcame, and I'm pretty happy with the result :) You can get yourself a pack (or two) here
For larger resolution, here.

I worked on two A6 notebook designs, 'On The streets of India' & 'How to Kiss Bollywood Style in 4 ways'!
To work on the details and the gags was good fun and the 'kiss' notebook is even a mug! The notebooks, here :)

There's also a keychain design I did based on 'The great Indian Auto Ride'! I was skeptical about the details in the final product, but they came out great! Below is the design, and a horrid, blurred picture of me holding the final keychain. To get yourself one, proceed here :)

Lastly, I worked on 'Incredible India', one of 'The Small Picture' features by Manta Ray Comics. The Small Picture is a full page comic that appears every Wednesday in the daily Mint. The piece was scripted by Leela Alvares, who I worked with in collaboration on the artwork.
The piece was first seen published on 19th October, 2011.
For larger resolution, here.

More stuff to come very soon!
Feedback of all shapes & sizes welcome :)
Have an amazing day!


graphic_mantra said...


simply super.

it is always a great pleasure to see your work.

good luck

Tomás Serrano said...

"The Small Picture" looks fantastic! I hope your project will be finished soon.

Pencil Pocket said...

What a great update! SO nice to see all this great work. The Small Picture project looks amazing, and I love the dress-a-day work too! Lovely stuff, as always! Great job!

Francisco Martins said...

Hey Buddy!

Uau! you have been busy, alright! these are all great! I specially love your 'Drunky Gaga' illustration :)

Good job man! keep it up

Happy holidays!


ketepo said...

so faboulous works here!!! great cards!great illustrations!

ruffled serenity said...
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