Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bechain Entry into Summer :D


Another obscenely late post, I apologize!
Well, if you ask me what I've been upto, I'm STILL trying to finish my film, of which not much is getting done and I'm very sad about it. So, to make myself happy, I'm doing random things :)
Well, but this is some of what the film will look like :D
Older posts on film: here and here.

This is a part of a line of sketchbooks/notebooks that a friend's friend wanted us to work on and I agreed. Each artist did five covers and the rest happened so fast, I still can't get over it ! :D
We all settled for the name 'Bechain Nagri': Bechain (Hindi) = Restless/Excited and Nagri/Nagar(Hindi)= town/place. I would not dare put the final translated name together :P
Well, so we had a lot of sketchbooks on sale, during our college fest. A cart was brought, decked up and off they were! Here is what some of the madness looks like :D

And these were my prints:
A little celebration followed on the first success of 'Bechain Nagri' and here are all of us wonderful people who were a part of this :D

If you want to see the other awesome sketchbooks, know more/ want to order (shipping facility will be on hopefully soon), or just want to take a look, do join the Facebook community! :)

Ha! So yes, and also, some random wacom+type things including an important message I give myself everyday:
I'm very proud of the fact that the 'day' looks like ketchup :P

Feedback of all & any kind appreciated :D
Have a great day! :)


Tomás Serrano said...

I have a big patience, so I'll be waiting for the short, he, he...

jazzlamb said...

Thanks Tomas, I hope it finishes fast! Can't wait to share it with all of you! :D

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I along with Tomas will wait for your fantastic art anytime. Making a movie is hard work he he he he he! This is wonderful. Thanks so much for you kind words.
Thanks again

Manoj a menon said...

we met at the delhi comicon...
i was there with pratheek...

loved your work..
absolute bliss!!
very fresh and this is what we all need...
kudos brother...kudos


Francisco Martins said...

Hey Jasjyot, how are you doing buddy?
These are great!! your prints from the sketchbook look amazing, love the colours :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment :)
Yeah, everything is cool around here, the weather is finally getting nice :D
Big cheers from Portugal

Sami said...

All the best wishes for your film :) Can't wait!

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