Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 IS HERE!

It's 2012, the year the world has been raving about for a long, long time and living up to it already, it started with quite a blast for me, literally. My laptop fell and my hard disk gave up and died. Urgh. Still getting over that :(
Apart from that utterly delightful news, THERE'S LOTS OF WORK TO SHARE!
You have been warned; this will be a really, reeeally long post :)

First up, my second The Small Picture comic courtesy Manta Ray Comics, titled 'GAON-VILLE'. I worked with the ever-so-amazingly-clever Arjun Kolady, who scripted the piece, with Dileep Cherian's thoughtful edits.
The piece was first seen published in the daily Mint, on December 14, 2011. Higher res version, here.

I recently collaborated with a Delhi based fashion blogger, Surabhi Chauhan AKA Lovestruckcow on a series of fashion illustrations of the best six in Indian fashion during 2011, 'Six Best in 2011' for her blog LOVESTRUCKCOW.
First up was for the Goa based designer, Savio Jon and his Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Second, Suneet Varma's Couture 2011 'KamaSutra' collection.

Third up, the amazing Kolkata based Sabyasachi and his Fall 2011 collection.

Fourth, Alpana & Neeraj with their crazy awesome Fall 2011.

Fifth, the larger-than-life Manish Arora's Srping Summer 2012 collection in Paris.

And last, Rohit Bal's Couture 2011. Excuse me, I've been watching too much Samurai Jack :)

I had crazy fun working on these, and I do hope it shows :)
All of the illustration blog entries can be found right here.

Ok, so I've been following Hellen Jo's absolutely RAD badassery for a good two years now, and she makes drawing on Post-Its look irresistibly delicious. I could not stop myself. So here they are, my first set of Post-it obsession. I've been  listening to a lot of  Lana Del Rey & The Black Keys' latest album recently (And an unending supply of Gaga), as must be evident below. Also, some Studio Killers love!
The scans do not do justice to the fluorescent markers & glitter wax crayons abused for this noble cause.

Also, the scans might not even look like post its anymore. Here's a picture of my sketchbook with all of them, AND IT REMINDS ME OF THIS.

Me and my parents went to a trip recently, Mussourie+ Poanta Sahib. It was freezing cold, I got a mega-swanky-ass hotel room all to myself and I finally met the extended family after ages :'D The joy!
These are some of the sketches done during the course of 7 days.
First, some train sketching! Hello, sleeping uncle :)

Below is my dad, sleeping like a baby. He slept through the entire journey because he wasn't too well. Also, I love drawing him, I could do it forever :)

Some street sketching in Mussourie.

Poanta Sahib, the living quarters.
 Men in pagris of all sizes, loads of fun to draw! :)

 The langar sewa, evening chats and lots of vegetables to cut :)
 Langar sewa, people making chapatis and making fun of how I was standing and sketching instead of helping them out :P

My sketchbooks are becoming better friends with my precious brushpens, and here's some of the sketchery they've been whipping up! Lots of ladies ahead :)

And last but not the least, some Chumbak work :D
A 'Pehelwaan' boxer design. I had SO much fun working on this :D Now I can proudly wear it around too. to get yourself one, here.

And, a quick mock-up.

Then, to an 'OM' keychain :) Below is the design and a picture of the final product :)

Do leave feedback and have a louwely, prolific year ahead :)

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