Monday, September 19, 2011

Gaga Rules Everything Around Me


It had to happen. My hands were ACHING to draw another Gaga. I hadn't done a finished, nice Lady Gaga illustration in a long, long time. And Kaveri had been, for too long, telling too many people I'm married to Gaga. So well, here it is :)

ANNNND, does anybody remember Bechain Nagri? It is back with a boomboomBANG, LOADS of new sketchbook prints and new illustrators on board! Check THIS space for more!
Also, I worked on more prints for the new range, and it is all mad, cute, annoying schoolkid series.


 Also, me and Kaveri went to Kyoorius DesignYatra, with loads and hoards of Bechain Nagri sketchbooks for sale! The response was amazing, and we had a pretty hard time keeping up with the sales sheet and the moolah-management. This was a poster we both worked on for the event, based on a sketch Mana did!

Ha! Do leave feedback!
And have a wonderful, wonderful day while I go and get me some much required sleep! :)


pratheek said...

ha ha!! yes, for long i've suspected that u are indeed married to Gaga (in ur head at least!) SUPER SUPER LIKE the 3 new sketchbooks... the flaming eraser is awesomness!!

:) :)

Shivani Gakhar said...

LOOOVVVEEEEE the illustrations!! want to see more of the annoying kids waala. and more of gaga too!!

Tomás Serrano said...

Great comics, Hans. He´s a fantastic character.

donny* said...

Very cool illustrations! Keep em coming!

Pradeep Soni said...

great stuff dude..soon i will make a lady gag illustraion and dedicate it to you :)

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