Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another one goes by.

A new year. A fresh start. New resolutions. Not sticking to them. New friends. Old friends. And the feeling of the new-ness disappearing creeping in. Yet again.

This year has been an amazing one for Lady GaGa and well... me, in a lot of strange, un-understandable reasons. Some of them, I wish to pen... err.. type down.
So here's to a year of:

Two lost pendrives.

Watching the world and work evolve.

Sorting good friends from better ones.

Not losing any. Any. ANY weight.

Drinking fruit beer straight from the packets.

A dying keyring. RIP.

Lost of books bought.

Loving living in a single hostel room.

More confusion regarding future post college.

Going down south and finally seeing a bit more of the country.

Trying to keep sanity intact. Trying hard.


Realizing fonts can fascinate.

Downloading A LOT of music.

Realising 'Happy Bunny' is my idol.

Hoarding sketchbooks and not knowing what to fill them up with.

Being a regular at picking up a copy of Rolling Stones magazine every month.

Getting to know what 'de-veining' prawns is about and realizing its an absolute bitch.

Flu and cold and cough and aching and fever. And trying out medicines and capsules of all dimensions.

Looking at people I knew and not recognizing them anymore.

Owning a pair of HOT patent sneakers.

Amassing more & more junk and finding absolutely no space for them to be kept.

Lady GaGa obsession.

Loving early morning gurudwara trips.

Knowing for sure people won't, JUST WON'T sit through a film's end credits in a theater even though they last merely five minutes.

I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
When I wear it I feel cute.

Realizing a whole freaking decade is over!

So well,
A SAXXY NEW YEAR TO ALL from me and the blog:)

P.S. - The illustration has me surrounded by medicines and little mucous-monsters:)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Illustraton Friday : Undone

After a long, long time, I update again. This time, for Illustrationfriday.

It was a secret plan. Rajat used to flee from the tea shop, where he used to lend a helping hand for a few rupees. Meeta, with her hair undone, away from the bucket and the broom. Sarita, who didn't like washing uensils at all, but had to would come along just as quickly. And the little stray pup wouldn't mind joining in for a little bit of fun. They used to play in the valley all evening till dark, leaving their odd jobs just how Meeta liked her hair as she chased the wind in the unending valley.

Have a lovely day:)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


A fancy little note book my friend gifted me once upon a time:)
I used it to fill it with stupid Maya software notes. And scribbles, and more.
Dipankar, a batchmate, longs for a kiss and admires his sexy, big lips as sultry Maya seduces him:D (bottom right)

And Ranjita, a PG batchmate of mine, sits on the computer with her lovely long locks serenading the chair she sets herself on.
And my unsuccessful attempts at getting used to a brush pen.

Life must go on. Mustn't it?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Float Continues...

Ugly grey softwares uninspire and life once more finds faith in a 6B pencil, a sketchbook and a plain set of watercolors:)

A sketch done at one such time.
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