Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rickshaw Wala

The rickshaw wala. Standing all day in the scorching heat that spills over the hostile streets of Delhi. Waiting. For someone to be taken to a new place, so he could earn what can't even buy him a day's food. Traveler. Sweat dripping from his elbows as he rides his ride; a sheen on his skin. Looking for some shade to rest under. He exists, so do we. The difference is probably the only thing that needs to be given a thought.

The sketch shown here is a copied version of an older sketch of mine drawn while i was sitting on a rickshaw...drawn on cloth that covered a pad of some tuition in 12th standard of mine. A coat of black wax crayons under the thick red and blue paint coat. Then the paint scratched to reveal the form.

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