Friday, May 16, 2008


This just came as a result of seeing one of the pictures clicked by Shreyas and put on her deviant art account that I happened to see through Priyankar's blog links...the funny creature on the left looked like the big building in that photograph and because it was broken, it looked like funny, broken teeth. but then i don't really know where the flying bitchy bitch came from n it gave a different perception to the whole picture...and I named it (proudly) 'bitching'!
Its about how we all are victims of listening to random things from random people and sometimes believeng them (but hey!sometimes they are true too!) and then spreading it all over to other random people ....(and notice the fish.,...they are the stinky extra 'masala' bits that get carried on every time it passes from one person to another..though I admit they are not the perfect!

P.S.-Encouragement for the *extreme intensity in voice*conscious *uhh...extreme intensities off*efforts of changing the style will be highly appreciated...or any other feedback in that case.


Anonymous said...

U da man, Bitch!

Encurejment? U'll get that in loads...
i just wanted to say i love this one...

moonskull-cat said...

style evolving appreciated amigo.
i likes.
also bitching is a topic deeply personal to u,i know...i can feel ze EMOTION *intense pause*

Shutterfly said...

this reminds me littule of donwoods work. radiohead illustrator. :O)
who im a big fan of btw. :O)
so varr goot i say.

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