Sunday, May 4, 2008

Of wax and water!

About four days back, I was cleaning my bookshelf and sorting out all the books (and junk and cobwebs n...etc. etc.) that i needed (and yet again my mum didn't allow me to tear off each page of my Physics reference book to tiny bits and then throw them around in the end as I'd dance away to glory listening to LOUD had been quite a dream of me...(sniff!sniff!)) or atleast the ones that i thought i needed.Right in the middle of the process, I stumbled upon this book that had been rotting on the shelf for a long time, that me and mum got from the Delhi Book Fair a few years back. Its called 'Art Ideas' and had been one of my favorite pass-time-and-fool-around books...I couldn't help but open it up again...and it so happened that the first page that I opened was to do something with wax crayons...that immmmediately stuck a few neurotic chords up there and I ran to the nearest stationary store and got a pack of wax crayons and a few bottles of poster paint and life has been goo(ooooo)d since then...
here are a few random sketches i did with wax resist effect.

felt like rhyming a little, so here goes,

The golden woman
shining through
her troubles, baubles
she's baffled though
can't take no more
she won't look back
she keep goin' on
on the right track
she can't let go
she won't let go
she know no bound
she be screamin' out loud
and you know
she be holdin' em down
she the golden woman
she gonna shine through.


kabini said...

i love the wax resist stuff, uve grown my bachcha.... ideas!!!...god so many good memories with that book!!!!

googlecash said...

awesome work...

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