Sunday, May 4, 2008


This is dad.
Sometimes, which is quiiiite sometimes, as I'm in my room, I'd hear a sound, faint at first and then growing...calling points for guessing who it is as i drag myself to my parents' room and murmur an annoyed 'Yes?', he would be sitting leg straight up on the bed, the other one dangling off it;paunch oh-so-seemingly visible (look who is talking!).
'Please get me milk...not a whole glass,not half...just somewhere in between.'
(door closes)
(refrigerator opens)
(refrigerator closes)
(door opens...then shuts)
'There you go,pa.'
'Thank you....Jasjyot, please get me my ledger na...its in the bag lying outside in the lobby.'
'Yes, I shall.(!?!)'
after a while...
'Thank you...when do you plan to sleep?'
'No idea.'
'What do you mean by that?You need sleep. For when i wake you up in the morning for driving (lessons) you don't get up!'
'OK pa! I shall go to sleep.'

And then, as maa reads my dad watches television and does whatever he does with his ledger...and milk...and spectacles...and pen and....


(sigh)...I love my family...

(the silver and golden stickers look black...again...scanning constraints...)


delusmi said...

you've started using reli bright colors(very nid),.well different and inetresting mediums too,.look nice ,.,,.but i reli reli like your light watercolor work the best.,

A life less ordinary !! said...

the waking up discussion is rightly captured :)

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