Thursday, September 23, 2010

Building Relationships

Ok. That is probably the worst title I could come up with for a post! Apologies:P
These were some very, very quick sketches done at the Airtel Relationship Centre, Bengaluru, India. I pulled out my sketchbook and started off. Even made a 'fan', who asked me to do a quick portrait! As boring as the place was, the sketching was good fun & I realise living without a brush pen is plain impossible. sigh! Here are some of the sketches

Feedback of all sorts appreciated:)


prakash said...

nice work!!

donny* said...

These are fantastic!

Gunjan said...

jezzy. it is indeed a terrible title. but your sketchery makes up for it.

michele said...

Great sketches and pun! Will you visit my blog? I'd like to share an award with you. I'll post it asap! :o)

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