Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Illustration Friday - Dessert

Ok. This is the longest I've stayed away from Illustration Friday. Sometimes I don't like the topic, sometimes I like it but can't work on it & sometimes I just don't know what the topic is.
However, this is a topic hardly anyone can resist. So off I go! I again had the fortune to go to the most GODLY dessert place I have ever, EVER come across! It's in Mumbai, India and is rightly called 'Theobroma'. Sigh.

The illustration has all that I hogged on; from L to R:
Chocolate Overload Brownie: Crusty on the outside, dangerously gooey on the inside, with a heavenly butter-brown sugar base.
New York Baked Cheesecake: Will make you want to RUN to NYC without a doubt. I wouldn't say more:)
Ambrosio: A dessert so pretty you wouldn't want to eat it, but you will. Dark chocolate with a layer of thick raspberry jam-jelly in between. A bit of white chocolate on top, to make life better.
Custard filled cupcake: Least sinful of all, a squidgy, soft sugar coated cupcake with a horibbly soft, custard filled centre, perfect after a light lunch. sigh.
And then, eventually, there's me;)

All the dessert lovers, MUST leave feedback+their dessert stories:D


providential egg said...

Thank you for the comment!
Chocolate :) This is wonderful! The lines are so expressive and happy.

Anonymous said...

I love the expression on the character's face (in this case, the happiness you felt while eating those scrumptious desserts!). Nice work! Your descriptions for the desserts makes me want to taste those baked goodies! :)

bee said...

Oh this is awesome!! The character of yourself is fantastic! And all those desserts look (and sound) SO YUMMY!
I love desserts, I think my favourite would have to be Golden Syrup Dumplings mmmm - just the best on a cold winter's night!

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Yummmy... they look delicious :) I love the illustration and his expression. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too :)

froggie said...

this is wonnnderful, jazzy! his flip-flops, the swirls of chocolate on that brownie...super work!

fav dessert - green tea and red bean ice cream. with some saki (and more saki!) to keep it lively!

Amanda Dilworth said...

yum yum, would love to get stuck into that brownie:)

Laura Catalán said...

That sounds like the dessert I would order in heaven! Fun illo!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I visited you in a long while, but you are still just as talented and funny as I left you he he he he! This is so cool. Love it!

Balogh Gyöngyi said...

Nice drawing! I would order the third one :D

Duncan said...

Love the happy expression and the flip-flops. My dessert of choice would have to be jam roly poly and custard....dribble, dribble.

michele said...

This is about as happy as it gets! A favorite? I'd start with that gooey brownie, for sure! Mmmm- delicious! :o)

Shivani Gakhar said...

Ha! i KNEW u would draw something for this topic! i knew it!!

Balogh Gyöngyi said...

ur welcome!

Wayne B. Medina said...

haha this is awesome man! love the drawing and the expression you have of your sugar excitement. really cool.

my favorite dessert would have to be some kind of ice cream. anything would do, banana or mint or...anything =)

Emily said...

I thought that all sweets chocolate were my Achilles heal till I had a killer rhubarb cheesecake last week! What I wouldn't do for the recipe!
Great illo!

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