Thursday, February 4, 2010

Like Tea and Water

I drew a girl. Another one. She wanted to be colorful but fate had other plans. I saw a plastic cup of leftover tea and colored her up from head to... erm.. calves. She still looks just as happy:)

A day when you just don't want to use a pen or a pencil.

Feedback of anyanyANY sort welcome:)


Jason Curtis said...

Wow, I absolutely love both of these. I would die to be able to do what you do.


Wiele said...

Nice color Tea. Fits very well here. I wonder if it will stay like this... Maybe there are some more colors in the fridge to add ;-) Great work.

Anil P said...

The first one has character. I think it should've extended all the way down to the feet.

I suppose you managed it on the cup, quite a feat. I'll returning to see more of your talent.

lilasvb said...

wow, great post

Tomás Serrano said...

What a wonderful design! The top sketch is excellent!


Dam nice....i love the top sketch do you do it? make it look so free easy and cool!!

Matteo said...

Beautiful stuff, man,
especially the first sketch, so lovely.

Laura S. said...

Wow! Your works are amazing!
Especially the first draw!
I love it! XD

delusmi said...

hey the british council entry, is so far the funniest of all your work i have seen, I could not comment on that post due to some funny message that said it might be harmful to my comp.
keep it up.

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