Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another trip to Chennai

This is a late update. Have been busy with my stopmotion project. Unusually busy. But I've been wanting to write about my second trip to Chennai which happened quite a while back as I went to my sister's to chill. As much as I found the place strange earlier; I couldn't help but love the flavorsome city. There was too much to do, and me falling sick was trying to make it worse. I thankfully recovered, but only at the end of the trip. The place where they lived was absolutely beautiful. Right next to a hill with a shrine on top of it. The wind, the 'fruit shop', the beach. There was too much to take in. All put together in a lovely coconut that Chennai is. My sister has now shifted to Bangalore; and we will miss the city, always.
Here are some of the sketches I did there with my brush pen.

A shady couple on the beach:)

My brother-in-law and my sister at the beach.

My sister at home switching from channel to channel; an age old habit.

A construction happening somewhere on the hilltop shrine.

People praying as I shamelessly sketch.

More people and a lot of wind. And a couple.

I follow a couple in the dark as I try to draw them while walking.

And some more of my favorite thing to draw, people.

What a lovely experience. Made possible by my sister and her husband. Thanks. A lot:)


Erik Petri said...

these are great!
I love the rough dry brush like stroke you do your linework with, it gives your sketches a printed look like Hokusais prints.
Keep it up!

jazzlamb said...

Thank you so much Erik. That is very flattering.

Shreyas said...

Another one experiences the shady beaches :D :D

Wordver: JUNDLUBS.

Can I call you that^ ? plis plis plis?

smitha sudhakaran said...

lovely sketches as always :)

Tomás Serrano said...

This is a fantastic work!!! Is it a live work or you made from photograhs?

Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

Simple that it is, my eyes are drawn toward the feel of the first sketch of the couple.It captures the blue evening and the brown beach and tinny music playing from a radio somewhere down the shore.
Or perhaps it just makes one miss Chennai.:)

Shivani Gakhar said...

Awesome sketches.. love them!

Matteo said...

Words fail again to tell you how beautiful are these sketches, so I'll just look at them a little bit more. ^_-

Gunjan said...

since your deviantart lies alone and uncared for, I suppose I must shift to blogger :P

jazzlamb said...

Thank you:') : Shreyas.Smitha.Shivani.Kaveri
Tomas: They are live and do not use any photo referencing:)
Matteo: You flatter me. My ego inflates for a bit and I'm humbled:)
gunjan: I mustmust update deviant soon. In fact I just did:D

Tomás Serrano said...

Great draftsman you are!

donny* said...

these are wonderful drawings. looks like an great experience.

j.etienne said...

very beautiful drawings

michael robertson said...

wow! lovely sketches! your brush work is amazing!!

Dante Terzigni said...

really nice figure studies! these are great. MAN YOU CAN DRAW!!

uditi said...

uh such pwetty sketches. i like muchly.

andres casciani said...

I loooove sketches! on this book in particular I' m enjoying the line-work a lot!!

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