Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Trip: Amritsar and More

I went to Amritsar a while back. I kind of have fallen in love with my brush pen, and think the feeling, inspite of a few mood swings, is pretty mutual. These sketches are what I did sitting at home and some in Amritsar. I'm trying to get myself to work on my live portrait skills, because I think they've been neglected for too long and I've been reasonably horrible at it. So here it all is!
Some more portraits to follow soon:)

My Dad and his Ray-bans

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Jason James Curtis said...


You and your brush pen do great things together. These sketches are full of life.

Excellent work.

donny* said...

yeah! these are fantastic drawings!

Mandakini said...

the line quality is absolutely stunning. very 'of-the-moment' and languid lines.


gag said...

hey man dey r really very nyc ...
keep up de good work ...!

kanishk said...

really fantastic drawing .

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Juan Carlos Partidas said...


Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I am happy you enjoyed my cartoon and, by the way, I am a Leo too, hehe.

I have seen some of your art and it is excellent. Congratulations!!! I specially love these sketches of people. I think you captured the essence of those people.

still water said...

very craig thompson-esque... :) in the fluid lines..DO YOUR OWN GRAPHIC NOVEL NOW!!!!!!!

Devashish Guruji said...

damn good yaar... love the stroke and the figures.. brush pen? kahaan se?

Aditi Malhotra said...

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