Friday, January 29, 2010

Erupting in 3D

My Maya model is finFINfinished! Well, apart from the rigging and other stuff, which remains undone.
This is what it looks like and I am obscenely proud of myself because truly, I never thought I'd get even this far:P

For all who don't know the character, it happens to be the character from my first and only comic book, Eruptions, which I completed as a part of a course.
You can catch the comic book here.

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Shivani Gakhar said...


Kaveri-on-the-moon said...

Fency-ess. ;)
Nah, really. From here to there its been quite a mayaliciously painful journey..congrats!

David said...

haha! I like his bulging eyes! XD

Jason Curtis said...

I'm dizzy...round and round he goes. Poor guy.

This looks great man! Oh, and I just read the comic and it was funny (I'm just glad I had already eaten).

Good stuff!

jazzlamb said...

@Shivani: Thank you so much!

@Kaveri: Quite painful I must say which is a reason why...

@David: ...his eyes bulge more than planned. haha. Thanks:)

@Jason: Its lovely to have you commenting. I'm glad you liked the comic:)

Gavin Goo said...

Hi jazzlamb, I've read your comic! Great work. I like the twist in the end! Somewhere, someone will accept us for who we are! :D

smitha sudhakaran said...

josjot ko maya se pyaar hogaya

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