Friday, January 22, 2010

Illustration Friday - Clumsy / All the Utterly Horrible Things That Can Happen to Your Precious Double Half Fried Egg

Ok. It has been a while since I last posted on Illustration Friday. But 'better this year than never', right?
Me and a few others were sitting and wondering what all could go wrong with the eggs in your first meal of the day; if you happen to get up on time for it, that is:P
All the haunting memories of the days I've had to eat my eggs NOT the way I want it start flashing. And I pen it down immediately.
The most tragedy struck breakfasts are generally when you ask the hostel mess chef to prepare double half fried eggs. If you're lucky, that's what you'll get, if you're not, which is usually the case, these are some of the things you could be in for... Though I do blame personal clumsiness for some of them:P...

Scenario 1: Both the egg yolks will be broken already.

Scenario 2: The egg yolks will be riiiight next to each other, so if you want to eat the yolk by trying to get one of them to reach the spoon safely, you know the other will break.

Scenario 3: The chef blatantly ignores you and makes for you double full fried eggs instead.

Scenario 4: You've managed to get the yolk separated. You carefully put it on the spoon, get it to your mouth, shivering and hoping it wouldn't break midway.

Scenario 5: All your fears come true.

Scenario 6: You feel like having an omelette and by the time you sit down on the table to eat, you wish you had asked for double half fried eggs; again:'(

Have a lovely breakfast and a happy day:)

This has got to be the post with the longest title yet on this blog. I mean, who the hell names a post 'Illustration Friday - Clumsy / All the utterly horrible things that can happen to your precious double half fried egg'?!?


Shreyas said...

I louwe.

word ver: belitt.

Manasi Parikh said...

HHHAAAhhhaAHAHAaa :D :D This is so funny!! My fav is 5. And 3.

And 1.

Karumen said...

lol at #5!! :DD
thx for dropping by to my site too :D

Erik Petri said...

this is brilliant and funny.

alex fine illustration said...

This is a great series! The expressions say it all.

lida motamed said...

hello my friend
thank you so much ...
i loveeeee your illustrations too and nice to meet you
i went to india so many times and also delhi
i love india so much :o)

Gavin Goo said...

These are hilarious! :D Love his expressions!

leolietje said...

great little story!

Tomás Serrano said...

First, I like very much the character. I like too how you colour the cartoons. And the expressions, of course.

Luispa Salmon said...

Hi Jasjyot...tanks for comment on my blog! you got a great stuff here (specially the watercolor), have you ever drew for a children book?

Celeste said...

Ha ha, this is wonderful, made me laugh out loud, great expressions!

Matteo said...

Your scenarios just made me laugh so bad, man... XD

And ur style is really awesome, I dig it so much.
Thank u for the visit, dude, and for having joined my readers crew. :)

I'll be watching u too,

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

BAAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! THIS is Hilariousness at it's best. I love the whole thing. I'm still laughing!!! OH you have out done yourself with this Dude!! This is brilliant.

jazzlamb said...

Thanky all so so so big hug much!
* sniff sniff *

sketched out said...

Hee heeeee heeee! So funny! I love it! The sad thing is, I can so relate to this. I love your style. Really cool stuff on this blog!

Tarun Padmakumar said...

god.stop complaining and eat ur eggs. some people dont even have food to eat in the morning. honestly. wats wrong with u.

bwahaha! just messing with you! loved this post.the art is tops, from the line art, right down to the colouring. 2 thumbs up dude.
Or as u wud saY: "Saxxy!"

(did i say it right?)

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Love the character! very well done

Willa said...

Great! you really made me smile :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Good job on getting back into Illustration Friday. Looking forwrad to seeing more of your work.

Pratik Ghosh said...

now this is whati'd call "SAXXy"
good job.. love the emotions!
keep it up! to the point
ok.. now i'll stop

jmanu said...

hehe it's true
Great character !

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