Thursday, November 26, 2009

Characters in Technicolor

Finally I managed to scan in the final scenarios of my character design course.
Heres some of them; most of them, actually..

The Tailor, Rajubhai, inspiration taken from real life characters of the same profession.

The Frog and the Nightingale, a poem by Vikram Seth.
Characters taken forward from the poem and visualized.

The 'Create-your-own-story', Character inspired from the helper in a nearby gurudwara.

Name - Satwinder Kaur
Age, 41

The setup.

The slip offs and professional clumsiness,

And the lousy lousy end:)

Do leave feedback!
Have a saxx day:)


Shreyas said...

Oooh, its so sooopar saxx :) :)

I think your work gets byooteefuller by the day. I have secret desire to stalk you and sit and watch you draw.

jazzlamb said...

thanksy a lot:)
I'm glad you liked them. I almost contemplated repeating the color course while I was working on them:P

Aur Batao said...

Fantastic.... :)

Shivani Gakhar said...

love them totally!!! the gurudwara ones are really great!

Arun said...

Nice work jassi...special Satwinder Kaur's character

Dipankar Sengupta said...

They look even better digitally! good work!

Tomás Serrano said...

The taylor is my favorite: You have a good eye to puting the colors fantasticly. You don´t use bright colors and create a strange (and great) effect.

A life less ordinary !! said...

satwinder kaur thingyy is great ... and the last sketch where the lady with the harmonium is sitting with a plastered leg and winking ;) ... witty

R said...

Like your work. A lot. NID seems perfect for talented guys like you:)

Gavin Goo said...

A lot of great details here! Love it!

Pradeep Soni said...

loved these ones dude!!!!
in fact i have recently gotten in this blog circuit and i was looking for you guys around..good to see you here..

for the film i still have some renders pending and have to get sound done..

delusmi said...

oh Satwinder is lovely.
I might fall in love with her if i know more about her.
and i like the stretchy style in the frog and nightingale.

gag said...

amazing man ...!
very nyc i just loved it....!

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