Friday, August 28, 2009

Designing Characters - Tailor

Wow. I'm updating after ages. Have been very very busy with my course on Character Design that lasted three weeks. Got a lot of work done and that makes me feel less useless:)
The first week we were supposed to go to different tailors; sketch, study how they work and almost everything about from how they are and what you think they are capable of. Based on those sketches and a number of body structures that we worked on, we finalized one of the structures that would suit the profession. So here are the model sheets and some situation sketches of the same. More to come. Soon:)

My tailor's initial structure. Didn't quite fit the profession, I guess. Hence got chucked.

Tailor naked model sheet. Well, almost naked.

Basic Character Model sheet.

Some expressions...

Other action explorations...

And some situation drawings of him at his workplace.
Hope you like it. Do leave feedback.
Have a byootiful day:)


Atsi-Batsi said...

I love it! :) There's something about the way you drew the character that tells so much about his personality. I especially like his "stoop". Too much time spent bent over a sewing machine? :)

jazzlamb said...

Thank you sooo much. As for the stoop, you guessed it right:)

Onrak Gt said...

dude! 'm just loving each and every piece of your work now!
ze are ze killers!!

Jason Curtis said...

Wow, these are incredible. You are one talented bastard! You have a great style and I'm envious of your skill with a pencil.

Rohit Iyer said...

Is this the same guy near Mittal? I studied him as well... though my drawings of him were not nearly as good!

Dalva M. Ferreira said...

You are good!

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