Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kiss but Don't Tell.

This be the illustration for an article for the college film and video annual (?!?) publication, called 'Cut Here' annnd Shreyas' Graphic Design classroom project. The article, 'Kiss and Tell', that this illustration is for is written by Akhila Krishnan and is about kissing in cinemas, how it has been portrayed over the ages all over the world, has come a come a long way to, well, still being thought of as something taboo (atleast in Bollywood), and to indivisuals who started the trend and what it has shaped itself as. The illustration is still in its refinement stages and theres a long way to go till it gets pooblished; or atleast till Shreyas makes sure it is purrfect and fit to become a part of her project.
I hope it gets done soon:)
Leave fiddback.


Shreyas said...

mammeh, everyone wants to put their contrubutions on blog before the issue is out.

Yeniway, fix contrast on this one!!

jazzlamb said...

I have no clue why the colors have come out the way they are. They look fine on comp, but i upload them and 'phhhh!'

Shreyas said...

make sure it's an rgb file.

oh, drat, Im gyan throwing. Come fastly, I'm getting infinitely bugged of not having found a dip.

Rima Kaur said...

aaaaaaw how retro! i lurve it.

jmanu said...

Hi jazzlamb
Love the secuence and the style! the line goes to be black or you will put a color?

Atsi-Batsi said...

I love this! :) I especially like the details - how some of them have their eyes open while other close theirs ;)

thanks so much for your lovely comments! :D Really appreciate them

jazzlamb said...

The artwork is going to be more or less the same. Only the really sharp divisions need to be made slightly uh... 'not-so-sharp' so they go with the overall line quality of the illustration. No color though; printing constraints:)

Eric Barclay said...

Really like the character style-- nice work!

Onrak Gt said...

its cool yo! though will you be adding type to the image?

oh, and coincidentally im interning with Sarnath Banerjee this summer. so i will take it as a compliment :)

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