Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Illustration Friday : Cracked

Ok, This is perhaps my longest blog post. Anyway, for this week's Illustration Friday, I could only come up with this idea. It kind of traces back to my childhood. Well, as a kid, I was a hungry kid. very hungry. I wanted food. Hell with the world. Thankfully now its not the same. Ha! It involves some more hunger, some hard work, and finally being able to have 'cracked' the egg cracking***. Here goes...

Little Jassi got up one evening to realize no one was at home.
Momma was out for her evening walk and daddy for the cricket coaching.

Little Jassi was hungry. And bad.

'Ah! The fridge! But it will be locked like momma always keeps it when she goes out.'*

*yes, she used to do this. otherwise I'd eat everything inside it.

But like hunger found a way to his tummy;
Little Jassi always found a way to the top of the refrigerator...

... and be victorious.

As the golden light from the refrigerator glowed, little Jassi would soon find heaven.
'The appliance is calling to me...'

'But then... I can't cook vegetables and fruits are too healthy. Hmmm... What could I do?'

'I know... EGGS! They're easy, and I've seen Mum do it.
And how difficult could it get anyway?!?'

So he popped them in the frying pan. After all, who doesn't like scrambled eggs!?!
But something felt not-so-right.


I made scrambled egg shells! Can't eat this... what now?'

'Ah! all hard work down the drain!' Little Jassi exclaimed as he did what he had to...

the doorbell rang.

'Oh my god! Now what do I do??'

'Ahem ahem...'

But Mommy dearest knew something strange had been cooking.
Little Jassi had left dead giveaways!

Like this...

... and this...

...annnd this...

'OK little one! WHAT, may I ask, have you been upto?'

'I... uhh... I...w...ww...was... just... uhh... h... hhh... hungry...'

And little Jassi was excused thanks to the I'm-so-sorry puppy dog face.
As he ended up with food in his stomach and a lesson in how to crack eggs!

And he, after a fine gap of eight years, finally got it.
Happy cracked-ing:)
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**Sorry mom, for making you look so tyrranous, you don't look like this. But hey, I gave you pretty swell sneakers there! Love you:)
*** certain parts of the incident have been slightly altered or eggagerated.


Shreyas said...

aaaah sooo sooo sooo kyut!!

I still haven't tried cracking open an egg :S

Nandini Krishnamurthy said...

heehee...this is jus sooo sweet!!..lovely illustration!! naaaaaaiicee!!! :)

Wiele said...

Dude, this was a very cool story and very originally done!
I have been enjoying looking around on your blog too, thanks for stopping by! I'll keep an eye on your work :-)

Anonymous said...

awWWWWW!!!! u used to make puppy faces????

I can SO relate to the trying to crack an egg eggsperience!!

Manola said...

ahahahah I love this IF!! It's too funny and very well done! ^____^

jmanu said...

so great!!!

Anish Daolagupu said...

aww... shooo khyute... i used to cook... but after the first few accidents and loose motion spells... i became quite good at it.... :)

Chris Kennett said...

Nice story mate. Tons of effort for IF, great work!

Anushka said...

Absolutely adorable. Fantastic work. Especially the blinding light emerging from the refridgerator. A tap on the back from a fellow hungry child.

Anish Daolagupu said...

Punia says you love drawing yourself just like me.... and thanks for the advice... shall call customer care in sometime... will put on my angry voice... >:D

Abhra Gupta said...

Those "Eyes" would crack Empathy Dams. Beautiful!

Eric Barclay said...

Hands down my favorite IF post for the topic. Really love the storyboard style. Awesome.

adrienne trafford said...

you are so clever - this is soooo good!

Art Fan Ako said...

Cute personal story! You should have boiled the egg instead... love boiled eggs!

Tomás Serrano said...

GREAT!!!! Terrific drawings. You´ve reached the top with this!!!

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