Saturday, April 4, 2009

Illustration Friday : Talisman

Nice how kids just figure some things out themselves...
A mini comic for illustration friday's topic this week, 'talisman'.
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have a good day.

P.S.- you need ice-cream. And so do I.
*birrd shites*


Fadas & C.ª said...

Ehehee! What really funny and true little story you have here!
Just perfect for the theme!

ArtSnark said...

Fun spin on prompt. The 1st page made me think that was you behind us at the store the other day ;D

leolietje said...

I also always wanted stuff they had on tv when I was little, but it was never as magical as on tv in real life... I can still feel sad about that...
Nice little story you made of this weeks theme!

Nimisha Saikia said...

Just thought I'd drop in a few lines about your work. Your water colour technique is amazing, particularly loved the way that watercolour woman of yours turned out. and yeah, the comic's pretty rad too. :)

Rui Sousa said...

Just amazing one, really great work. A great issue about the subject!


"The Temporary"

steve said...

Haha, good stuff!!!

jmanu said...

he he great style

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