Thursday, April 2, 2009

Editing and all that jazz.

Currently we are having a course in 'Editing'... I didn't expect it to be such a theory-heavy subject but well it is, and a lot of it for that matter! But its quite an eye-opener... and quite the contrary in some cases...
Taken by a Bengali who hails from Kolkata, a FTII, Pune graduate whose name happens to be Arghya Basu ( though it is pronounced as Orgho)... this course is also making me use my sketchbook a lot, which is nice for a change... Ok I wonder why I'm giving his bio-data, anyway, but these are my partially vaguely successful attempts to get a portrait of the man right.

EE on cartridge.
Have a nice day:)


Onrak Gt said...

ok, so you were basically bored!
but bongs are cool man! way cool! :D

CATI said...

so beautiful and superb blog!

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