Monday, February 2, 2009

Travelling Blues

I was on my way back from home (Delhi) back to college (Gujarat)...I don't know if its just me but I really didn't want to come back this time. It was cold and very verry early in the morning and celebration had suppressed the desire to sleep. So there I was, with my tummy feeling weird, wanting to pee, out in the cold, waiting in a looooong queue for the ticket to get printed. The rest is in the scratchy illustration right above this that I drew in the airport later.


Shreyas said...

oooh, i know the tummy feeling wierd feeling. I had the for a few hours before I left my home for the International Airport at Chennai, all the way till I got through immigration and boarded the plane.

Never happened when I left home for NID though.

BAAAAAH! I'm leaving in 26 days, hell, I thought today was the 1st, I just lost a day...!

Shreyas said...

this also means you have a little over a month to find me a kitchen for previously mentioned pasta partey :P

jazzlamb said...

hey but don't come here and ditch.pasta party in akhila's apartment can happen...hehe...if we can pile on.w-haatsay?

Shreyas said...

si si.:D
just ask her first :P

Eric Barclay said...

I love 'in the moment' drawings like this- they're always honest. Great work!

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