Sunday, February 1, 2009

Illustration Friday : Flawed

Procrastination has kept me and my blog away for a looooong time... but 'we have overcome.'

'Expanses grow; for they are my own...'

I don't know which one is the flaw..
Being fat?
or the lack of determination to change it?
Either way, I'm flawed.


Shreyas said...

oh this is so so so so byooteefool and dynamic. in a wierd way it reminds me of your Ai no Korrida poster ;)

Fat is not flawed. You don't have to change it.

Melinda said...

Hey! This is fantastic!! I really love this.

And Shreyas is right, Fat is not flawed although many small minded and shallow people think it is.

tp said...

its all in the mind i say. "I think, therefore I am".

Its an awesome piece. Great to see you back on the blog!

Matthew Smith said...

beautiful piece! well done.

Michael Jones said...

your strong clean lines and shades are beautiful. my favorite this week!

Eric Barclay said...

Awesome work.

Manasi Parikh said...

she looks like a piece of cloud! :) stunning work.

jmanu said...


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