Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of Vectors, Panda Virus & Tattoos

Apologies for the extremely delayed update, but here it is!
There's lots more I couldn't put up because I don't have a scanner; but it will be up soon :)

First up an entry for Nicola Formichetti's 'PANDA VIRUS CHALLENGE' for his nicopandanation blog. I love Formichetti and had MAD fun working on this, and was really glad with the way my first GIF (*stars in eyes*) worked out! It is also up on the Nicopanda Nation blog IN DEMI-ANIMATED GLORY HERE, for some reason it refuses to animate on the blog. Mugler FW12 shoes love :)

NEXT, my recent obsession TOMMY TON'S PHOTOGRAPHY :O If you haven't seen it, I suggest you check it now and hereThis illo was based on one of his photographs, here. I wanted to take reference (for once) and I could see this becoming a bit David M. Buisan-ish. Ok, no I'm not even comparing. But it was fun to work on the tattoo details, my characters never have tattoos! Probably because there's hardly anyone in India with decent looking tattoos you want to draw :[

Also, I FINALLY worked on more vector portraits! As much as I resist using gradients, I somehow always end up using them. I think I should work on vectors without gradient next.
First up, dancer/ model/ hot-thang DANIEL GAROFALI. Also, he put this up on his Facebook!

Next, the most striking looking model I've been going mad over for ages now, miss LINDSEY WIXSON. I love how she's so distinctive looking. And, those ridiculously psycho Gareth Pugh X MAC lashes. This portrait took much longer than expected!

Last up, some fun Chumbak work for V-day, a part of their Kamasutra collection! As they say, it is 'Continuing their tradition of the Non Nude Kamasutra.' :)
The Kama Sutra boxers' design + a quick mockup! You can get yourself one here.

And here's the mug, design + the final print. To buy one, here.

Image courtesy: Chumbak

Ha! There it is :)
Do leave feedback and have a lovely day! :D


Shreyas said...

You are so good!

I hate you (like ah lurve yew).

Hari Prasad said...


donny* said...

These are brilliant! Absolutely love the portraits.

Francisco Martins said...

Uau! everything is pretty perfect in this post, but I must say that I specially love LINDSEY WIXSON and DANIEL GAROFALI's portraits! really cool! the mug cup looks super cool as well! congrats buddy!



Lavanya said...

I LOVE the gif, it is so BOOM kaboom boom. :D

Wayne B. Medina said...

Awesome post J!!!! Love the drawing of the dude with the tattoos

Gavin Goo said...

Thanks for droppping by J! Can see you have been busy with lots of great stuffs! Especially the sketches :)

Mahesh Ashok Sutar said...

hi friend your blog vary nice i love your design

ketepo said...

what a great works on your blog!! love the panda..and the previous entries with sketches and crayons! GREAT WORKS

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