Monday, January 17, 2011

Illustration Friday - Chicken

Another Illustration Friday update after AGES :D

Here is a little illo I did on my food chart, a big portion of which, as visible is coffee :) ... and... a lot of other things. It isn't the healthiest diet on Earth, so it is time for a change, I say! And change shall come, shall come! Well, ALSO, Illustration Friday's this week's topic happens to be CHICKEN! :D
What greater joy!

Also, my louwe for vector art is growing. More to come soon on that and the film :)
Do leave feedback!
Have a waanderful day :)


Gulzar said... eat a lot buddy!

Sayantan Halder said...

hahaha good one jassi

Dipankar Sengupta said...

nice one, jassi...though you can work on the contrast of the background with his shirt a bit

Susanna said...

I love coffee too!!
nice art work!! and nice blog!

Poshgit said...

Ha ha this is really cool! Love it and the rest of your work on the blog! And in my case Tang would take up the proportion you've set aside for coffee :)

P.S. Also like your chappals :)

donny* said...

AH! This is fantastic. Excellent entry and illustration.

Moez Superyucca Ketepo said...

ehehe..! "random" is the best (a little mistery)!!

Anonymous said...

Yum, very tasty!! I think it's great, only ... does any else read 'Sheets' instead of 'Sweets' or is it just me?

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