Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another one goes by.

A new year. A fresh start. New resolutions. Not sticking to them. New friends. Old friends. And the feeling of the new-ness disappearing creeping in. Yet again.

This year has been an amazing one for Lady GaGa and well... me, in a lot of strange, un-understandable reasons. Some of them, I wish to pen... err.. type down.
So here's to a year of:

Two lost pendrives.

Watching the world and work evolve.

Sorting good friends from better ones.

Not losing any. Any. ANY weight.

Drinking fruit beer straight from the packets.

A dying keyring. RIP.

Lost of books bought.

Loving living in a single hostel room.

More confusion regarding future post college.

Going down south and finally seeing a bit more of the country.

Trying to keep sanity intact. Trying hard.


Realizing fonts can fascinate.

Downloading A LOT of music.

Realising 'Happy Bunny' is my idol.

Hoarding sketchbooks and not knowing what to fill them up with.

Being a regular at picking up a copy of Rolling Stones magazine every month.

Getting to know what 'de-veining' prawns is about and realizing its an absolute bitch.

Flu and cold and cough and aching and fever. And trying out medicines and capsules of all dimensions.

Looking at people I knew and not recognizing them anymore.

Owning a pair of HOT patent sneakers.

Amassing more & more junk and finding absolutely no space for them to be kept.

Lady GaGa obsession.

Loving early morning gurudwara trips.

Knowing for sure people won't, JUST WON'T sit through a film's end credits in a theater even though they last merely five minutes.

I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
When I wear it I feel cute.

Realizing a whole freaking decade is over!

So well,
A SAXXY NEW YEAR TO ALL from me and the blog:)

P.S. - The illustration has me surrounded by medicines and little mucous-monsters:)


Shreyas said...

Am I the one you didn't recognise?

Happy noo year :D :D

word ver: trisiate. Gujju pronunciation for dry state :P

jazzlamb said...

Yes. It was you:)
Happy new bigmama to you too:D

michael robertson said...

Lots of great resolutions and great illustrations too!

Jason Curtis said...

Great post. All the best in 2010! I look forward to visiting your blog often and seeing what you've been up to.

Rima Kaur said...


donny* said...

ooh! i LOVE this image. great work!


Love the list and the illo. Great style on the color and expression on the character.
Per your question on my blog about what I used to ink my illo; I actually did all of this digitally in Manga Studio EX. I really like the way their inking pens & brush tools work although I know some other folks who do not. For me it enhances the way I like too sketch and ink. Happy New Year

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