Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another one goes by.

A new year. A fresh start. New resolutions. Not sticking to them. New friends. Old friends. And the feeling of the new-ness disappearing creeping in. Yet again.

This year has been an amazing one for Lady GaGa and well... me, in a lot of strange, un-understandable reasons. Some of them, I wish to pen... err.. type down.
So here's to a year of:

Two lost pendrives.

Watching the world and work evolve.

Sorting good friends from better ones.

Not losing any. Any. ANY weight.

Drinking fruit beer straight from the packets.

A dying keyring. RIP.

Lost of books bought.

Loving living in a single hostel room.

More confusion regarding future post college.

Going down south and finally seeing a bit more of the country.

Trying to keep sanity intact. Trying hard.


Realizing fonts can fascinate.

Downloading A LOT of music.

Realising 'Happy Bunny' is my idol.

Hoarding sketchbooks and not knowing what to fill them up with.

Being a regular at picking up a copy of Rolling Stones magazine every month.

Getting to know what 'de-veining' prawns is about and realizing its an absolute bitch.

Flu and cold and cough and aching and fever. And trying out medicines and capsules of all dimensions.

Looking at people I knew and not recognizing them anymore.

Owning a pair of HOT patent sneakers.

Amassing more & more junk and finding absolutely no space for them to be kept.

Lady GaGa obsession.

Loving early morning gurudwara trips.

Knowing for sure people won't, JUST WON'T sit through a film's end credits in a theater even though they last merely five minutes.

I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
I like my new bunny suit.
When I wear it I feel cute.

Realizing a whole freaking decade is over!

So well,
A SAXXY NEW YEAR TO ALL from me and the blog:)

P.S. - The illustration has me surrounded by medicines and little mucous-monsters:)


Shreyas said...

Am I the one you didn't recognise?

Happy noo year :D :D

word ver: trisiate. Gujju pronunciation for dry state :P

jazzlamb said...

Yes. It was you:)
Happy new bigmama to you too:D

michael robertson said...

Lots of great resolutions and great illustrations too!

Jason Curtis said...

Great post. All the best in 2010! I look forward to visiting your blog often and seeing what you've been up to.

Rima Kaur said...


donny* said...

ooh! i LOVE this image. great work!

Anonymous said...

Love the list and the illo. Great style on the color and expression on the character.
Per your question on my blog about what I used to ink my illo; I actually did all of this digitally in Manga Studio EX. I really like the way their inking pens & brush tools work although I know some other folks who do not. For me it enhances the way I like too sketch and ink. Happy New Year

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