Thursday, September 10, 2009

Illustration Friday - Strong

After aaaages I finally get myself to work for Illustration Friday. This week's word - Strong.

She didn't look the kinds; but she actually was strong enough for the bullies around her to start begging for mercy.

Yo Girl Power!

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Have a great day!


BINO said...

héhéhé that's great!


Melinda said...

haha... that's fun! The will and strength of a little girl is unmatched by no one! ;) I love your style!
Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Melinda said...

correction - 'matched by no one' - ;)

Sipos Gaudi Tünde said...

I saw your other works too, strong drawing skills, nice lines and characters.

whackonondo said...

kool one dude! A pretty refreshing Point of view i must say!! most ppl would go for a very typical representation...but this one's very smart :)
Where/what are you doing in Delhi??

Anonymous said...

Love this - I think little girls like this are a terror to know, but lots of fun to see in action!

Paul Shinn said...

I really like your character design and colours! Nice idea

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