Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scripting My Way Through

This is an illustration done for a class assignment during Visual Scripting where we had to choose a passage from the book and make a collage/ poster/ illustration on it. This is the passage from Khalid Housseini's 'The Kite Runner' in which the main character, Amir's first book gets published and a while later he gets a call from Pakistan in the latter part of the book. Interestingly, this marks the beginning of the character finally stepping up to anything. The text in the illustration are the last words of Rahim Khan on the phone call.

Here it is...

“You look pale,” Soraya repeated, placing the stack of papers on the table.
“I have to go to Pakistan.”
She stood up now. “Pakistan?”
“Rahim Khan is very sick.” A fist clenched inside me with those words.
“Kaka’s old business partner?” She’d never met Rahim Khan, but I had told her about him. I nodded.
“Oh’” she said. “I’m so sorry, Amir.”
“We used to be close.” I said, “When I was a kid, he was the first grown up I ever thought of as a friend.” I pictured him and Baba drinking tea in Baba’s study, then smoking near the window, a sweetbrier scented breeze blowing from the garden and bending the twin columns of smoke.
“I remember you telling me that,” Soraya said. She paused, “How long will you be gone?”
“I don’t know. He wants to see me.”
“Is it…”
“Yes, it’s safe. I’ll be all right Soraya.” It was the question she’d wanted to ask all along- fifteen years of marriage had turned us into mind readers. “I’m going to go for a walk.”
“Should I go with you?”
“Nay, I’d rather be alone.”
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Shreyas said...

uncalll...say somewhere that it's from Kite Runner no?



jazzlamb said...

Thanku so much for saving more embarrassment:)

Alina Chau said...

Nice style!

Art Fan Ako said...

Love that book and movie! YOu captured something here.

Maldito Columpio said...

your blog is very cool!
I like your funny characters.
Thanks for the very nice comments

donny* said...

great blog! love your line work.

uditi said...

naice illo!.. i like how rahim khan and his dialogue have such a louvely entry :)

delusmi said...

have you read the book?

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