Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sniffly Elf Comes to Life.

Sniffly elf's first appearance on the blog. Many more sniffly rhymes expected to come.
A very very merry christmas to all!

Sniffly Elf - Anish Dasgupta
Title courtesy - Kaveri G.
Inspiration source - Chai Gate.


Aur Batao said...


Shreyas said...

merry christmas to you too jas-yo :D

tp said...

suoerb! genius! i love iiiit!!!

Cat-on-the-moon said...

I am honoured to have my name included in the credits for this piece of work..
true genius humour i say!
tha bong man was right,huh?

devashish guruji said...

haha..i quite like this one...

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