Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is Bobita. I think she is bong. I don't want her to be. I love her. She adorns the basketball court (popularly called the BBC) in the hostel area of my college. I love her. I made this sketch a long while back. Then she wasn't pregnant. Now she is. We will see little puppies soon. I hope they aren't taken away by the dog catchers again. Everytime i pass by she wags her tail. I love her. She looks like a champagne bottle when she sits down these days coz she is bloated. Sometimes we touch her tummy and little things kick back. It is a little creepy that they are alive and inside her. Feels good to know they will be out soon. I think she is the cutest she-dog ever. Have I said this before...but i love her a lot.


Aur Batao said...

she gave birth to 6 puppies... out of which 4 are alive... they are damn cute...............

delusmi said...

she's mine!

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